Single Use Disposable Face Mask

Disposable Face Mask (Public Use)
Disposable Face Mask (Public Use)
Disposable Face Mask (Public Use)
Disposable Face Mask (Public Use)
Disposable Face Mask (Public Use)
Disposable Face Mask (Public Use)
Disposable Face Mask (Public Use)
Disposable Face Mask (Public Use)


Manufactured in Farmington Hills, MI in our ISO 9001 certified cleanroom. 

These disposable face masks feature a pleated expandable design for a comfortable and lightweight fit.

Three Shielding Layers: Made with three layers of soft non-woven polypropylene to prevent breathing in or out of respiratory droplets.

Breathe Easy: Breathable non-woven fabric makes breathing easier and you’ll almost forget you are wearing a mask.

Confident Fit: The double wire nose bridge adjusts to your face and the elastic ear loops fit comfortably.

Skin-Friendly: Made of soft, non-woven fabric that is odorless and soft to the touch avoiding skin irritation.


Information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to help you stay safe.

How to Protect Yourself & Others

Use of Masks to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19

How to Put on and Remove a Face Mask


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Verified Class 2 Level 2 Surgical Mask

Lab Testing Results

Our Mission to Provide Quality

Filtra Systems Company is an FDA registered manufacturer , which has taken additional measures to ensure its surgical masks exceed the highest possible safety and quality standards. The company has submitted its masks to third-party testing facility Nelson Labs to receive a Class 2 ASTM Level 2 rating.  Considered to be the medical grade standard mask.

Below are independently verified lab results from the several required tests, that ensure that Filtra is providing the best mask possible by getting result that are considered to meet or exceed the criteria to pass these test. 

Data Sheet

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency 

"Bacterial Filtration Efficiency” is a test that shows the amount of bacteria that can get through our masks. A suspension of aerosolized Staphylococcus Aureus was applied to the mask through a nebulizer at a constant flow rate and fixed air pressure to test the Filtra Systems masks.

Our masks passed with a 99.59%+ Efficiency 
well above the ASTM-F2101-19 requirements

Full Report

Particle Filtration Efficiency  

“Particle Filtration Efficiency” tests the size of particles that can pass through a mask. Monodispersed polystyrene latex spheres (PSL) were nebulized (atomized), dried, and passed through the mask in a minute.

Filtra Systems masks blocked 99.54% of the 0.1 micron particles tested. 

The 0.1 micron (100nm) is the approx size of the size of the CoronaVirus
(SARS-COV-2) - Link

Full Report

Differential Pressure
(Delta P)

The Delta P test is performed to determine the breathability of test articles by measuring the differential air pressure on either side of the test article using a manometer, at a constant flow rate.

This test is used to determine the breathability of Filtra Systems surgical masks. Being able to block virus and being able to breath through the mask is imperative to our mask's comfortability. 

Full Report

Flammability Test

Meant to ensure that a face mask will not ignite and burn for more than 3.5 seconds. All of our masks burned for less time, passing this requirement.

IBE - Ignited But Extinguished (IBE)

Full Report

Synthetic Blood Penetration

This procedure was performed to evaluate surgical face masks and other types of protective clothing materials designed to protect against fluid penetration. The purpose of this procedure is to simulate an arterial spray and evaluate the effectiveness of the test article in protecting the user from possible exposure to blood and other body fluids. Our masks tested passed synthetic blood spray at 120 mmHg with no penetration seen. 

Biocompatibility Test

Biocompatibility test results are used to show the propensity, or likelihood, of a fabric to cause dermal irritation or dermal sensitization. Typically some level of biocompatibility testing on each of its products or uses data from previous tests for products having similar composition. When a similar, or surrogate, product is used rather than conducting new testing, the results obtained from the surrogate are expected to have the same result as if the actual product was tested.

The products containing the raw materials in the Goods listed above have been tested and the summary of the results are shown below:

• The product is considered ‘non-cytotoxic’ (Cytotoxicity test)
• The product is ‘not expected to induce clinically significant skin-irritating propensities’ and ‘not expected to induce clinically significant skin-sensitizing propensities’ (Repeat Human Insult Patch Test)

Based on this data, the Goods listed above are considered to have a ‘low potential for irritation’.

Benefits & Features

  • Effective against Dust, Droplets, Smoke, Spray, and Pollen
  • High-Quality Materials and Assembly Process
  • Made in the USA

Best Practices 

To ensure the most effective prevention against transmission of bacteria, follow these simple steps when applying your face mask

Multi-Layer Protection

Made with three layers of soft non-woven poly propylene to prevent breathing in or out of respiratory droplets.

Made in the USA

Manufactured at our facility in Farmington Hills, MI, the Filtra Face Mask is authorized for distribution to the general public.

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