Washable MERV8 Pleated Pre-Filter for Grizzly G0738/T10504

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Heavy Galvanized Steel Frame
Durable, Cleanable Filter Material
Heavy Expanded Metal Frame Grid
421mm x 241mm x 45mm
MERV 8 Rated

Fits Grizzly G0738 Hanging Air Filter, Replaces Grizzly T10504

To clean:

  1. Carefully remove any visible dry debris from the filter.  This can be done by hand, or by placing the filter over a large trash can and shaking out loose debris by gently swatting the back of the filter with your hand.  You may also use a shop vac but be very careful not to directly contact the filter media, as the vacuum may pull fibers from the media.
  2. Using a faucet or garden hose, spray water through back of the filter so that it drains out the front of the filter.  Repeat until clean.
  3. Allow all water to drain from the filter.  The filter should not be reinstalled until completely dry.
  4. Detergent is not needed.

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