10 micron Polyester Felt Singed
Size 2 Liquid Filter Bag
(Qty 50)

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Upgrade your liquid filtration system with the PE-10-P02-E 10-micron Polyester Felt Singed Size 2 Liquid Filter Bag.

Made with high-quality polyester felt, this filter bag effectively removes particles as small as 10 microns. With a quantity of 50, ensure efficient and thorough filtration for your liquid needs.

  • 10 micron
  • Box quantity (50)
  • Standard ring is polypropylene
  • Singed Polyester Felt material
  • Size #2
  • Diameter 7"
  • Length 32"
  • Sonic Welded construction
  • Applicable to low and medium viscosity liquids, at high flow-rate
  • Made in the USA

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